All about testing for 2014-15
We want to be an encouragement and resource for every homeschooling family in the entire state. To that end, we are always willing to help you with assessment information regardless of whether you test with us. Our testing program is merely a way to provide a legal, convenient testing option for WV homeschooling families.

Membership fees are essential to keep CHEWV afloat, but membership is no longer required for testing. It’s still quite easy to renew when you register to test, but you won’t be bothered about it if your membership expires or isn't current when the scores arrive. We’ve decreased our membership fee to only $15.00 and are trusting God to supply the rest of our needed funds. That means that if you decide to join, it will be less of a financial burden to those with large families and limited income.

New Information for the 2014-15 School Year:

  • Registration deadline is February 6th. 
  • 3rd through 12th grade tests are $31.00.  Consumable tests (K-2nd) are $41.00.  These prices are the same as last year!
  • Our testing window for this year is March 16th - April 11th. Each Test Center Coordinator will have selected dates within this window, and that is when you will test if you test in a center. Privately testing families must make arrangements with their test administrator to test during this same time frame.
  • After testing, all tests will be returned to CHEWV for verification before we send them for scoring near the end of April.   CHEWV should then receive scores in May when we can begin to attach the scores electronically to the email addresses provided by the parents during registration.  
  • The Report to the Superintendent will be physically mailed about two weeks later to the physical addresses provided during registration.
  • Assessments are due to the county superintendent’s office no later than June 30.  Turning in the assessment is the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian.  (Failure to turn in a timely assessment can precipitate truancy charges at the county level.  To review all the assessment options, click here.  To read the entire law, click here.)

Score Release Details (same as last year):

  • At the time of registration, parents will be asked to provide an email address to which scores will be released. (But also see last bullet below.)
  • When the scores are ready (mid to late May), an informational email will be sent to each parent from CHEWV.  It is important to read that email which will describe the electronic score distribution.  
  • A second email will immediately follow from BJ Press Testing & Evaluation, our test distributor, which contains a link by which each parent can access his own children’s scores from a secure website hosted by BJ.  From that link, the official scores can both be retrieved and printed. 
  • That link will only allow access for a limited time.  Therefore, we request that each parent “associate” the scores to their secure family account for indefinite access. In fact, parents can place scores for subsequent years into that same account for easy reference and comparison for years to come. 
  • Help to manage all the above will be available both from CHEWV and from BJ Press Testing & Evaluation as part of the cost of the test.  
  • Score reports will include an Individual Performance Profile and a Profile Narrative for all grades, plus a Primary Reading Profile for students up through 3rd grade. These reports will be released electronically as described above.
  • A WV-specific score report, designed for parents to turn in to their counties, will contain only the five required scores, the mean, and the publishing date.  This physical copy should arrive in a regular business size envelope at the end of May.  Please watch for it and keep track of it even though the rest of the scores have already been received.  This is the score sheet that should be turned into the county by June 30 (unless a different assessment is used instead).

Two Testing Options

Test center testing and private testing are both available through CHEWV.  

For the test center option, CHEWV works with local support groups to provide test centers around the state. Test centers are valuable to make testing more doable for all parents, to ensure that the procedure meets the standards of WV law, and to assist parents who are new and need help.  In group settings, qualified administrators can assist several families at once.  Again, it is a community working together for the benefit of all.  Test Center Coordinators volunteer to find both a facility and approved administrators to provide testing for all grade levels. Both new and seasoned homeschoolers can then find testing support in their local communities via the CHEWV newsletter and website.

Occasionally one on one testing is needed because of special needs or special circumstances. And, unfortunately, test centers are not available in all parts of the state. For those reasons, we also provide the “private testing” option. For that option, parents take the responsibility to find an approved administrator, a place to test, and a testing schedule.

Click here for information about test center testing.
Click here for information about the private testing option.